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The Deception in our Paradigm and the Reality of Surrender.

Lately surrender has been a huge theme in my life and I feel it is not a subject talked about to its fullest extent, nor celebrated in the way and recognition that it should be.

I urge you to read this latest blog post not with your mind but with your spirit, to feel into the words. It may not resonate with all but for those who do: I see you and feel you; I welcome you, congratulate you, and damn do I appreciate you on this journey with me.

Surrender is often pictured as a white flag of retreat, of giving up, but what if we reframed it into accepting the fullest glory of who and how we are supposed to be and show up in this world.

Girl surrendering to freedom, laying in a field.

Honestly, your spirit is infinite despite the finite qualities of our body. This is where the majority of the world goes wrong in thinking “why does God allow these things that happen to us?”. What we fail to recognize is the physical quality of these bodies and the infinite, divine expression and continuation of our souls into a greater picture that is far beyond what our finite, mortal bodies can comprehend.

I shared a series of posts last week on my Instagram on the importance of both Intuition and Divine Connection; in which one additional aspect behind intuition/connection is that it aids in our understanding of, and peace, into surrender.

In developing this intimate communication one can truly recognize and heed the messages of all; the spirit of Earth, of God, and of your glorious soul, and in such surrender, not too which the world wishes you to be (or you may wish to be because of the world), but to that of which you were truly born to be thereby better accepting, and understanding, what is occurring within, and outside of you.

Can we pause and re-read that and feel the peace within it?

Majestic aura with eagle flying overhead.

This world is dwelling purely in the physical realm within this this tiny mortal soul; detailing how you should make money, how you should look, what success looks like, what a happy relationship should look like, how parenting should look like … what if instead we shift timelines and surrender, not to mankind's perceptions, but to our original contract of what God, Earth, our Spirit intended in all its infinite beauty, majestic power, and divine purpose?

What would that look like? Damn how glorious and powerful would that be? I ask this while accepting that yes, there is a new paradigm trending of approval and love for all. Of pride parades, of body acceptance, of 6 figure months through entrepreneurialship yet again the focus is all on the physical and of what others are doing and how you should live according to their rules and what worked for them. What if I told you this is all truth with a lie? What if I asked you to sit in contemplation for what your very essence was asking of you, no matter what others required, and you lived by that, in surrender, no expectations? How would that feel? What would that look like? I also wish to pose the reality that all these people are applauding their developments and imposing their own truths upon you, yet not truly holding space for the pain, the release, the growth, the self-actualization that occurs behind the scenes.

They show the glory and hold a standard for you to follow seeing only the $$$ and fame behind it but what if we sat in the messy with you, the surrender, the pain, the growth, and held the candle for you when you were too weak to see the light, wiping the sweat from your brow?

In this I remind you, Matt 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them”.

Surrender is not a solo game, nor should it ever be for this is the true reason we are all here. To go beyond the physical, to witness our potential, and to hold each other in all of the gore it entails; fame or no fame, poverished or millions. No gain for ourself but to simply see the mirror within each other and to grow and expand, together, truly relinquishing the minds illusions and shadows, witnessing only the infinite god/dess soul within each other.

Picture of a girl mirroring someone else's eyes

THAT is what the collective is about. No agenda. THAT is surrender.

It’s not about what you can do for them (with dollar signs in their eyes), or that they can do for you (while portraying their chivalry on the red carpet), but what we can all do together, exactly as we all are.

Straight out I’m calling it, I’m SICK of the agendas of “Invest this, even if it makes you go in debt, your soul needs it and will thrive; that’s what I did!” Fuck you. THAT IS NOT LOVE.

I mention at the beginning that a white flag is a sign of retreat, of giving up. I wish to express the importance of waving a white flag to our informed, powerful soul trying to express itself through our finite physical existence, yet waging a war on the untruth and deception in this world and their ways rather than surrendering to that. In truth this war is occurring whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.

Just as Jesus spoke in parables, I urge to look at some of the Bible in the same way and in doing so look at the world and ask, what is truth? What is really occurring?

In this, I present Jeremiah 10:14 – “Everyone is senseless and without knowledge; every goldsmith is shamed by his idols. The images he makes are a fraud; they have no breath in them.

Breathe; cease your idols. Stop objectively seeking when all that you need is already within you if only you have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.

Refuse to be the goldsmith applauded for what was truly senseless, never mind bowing to that very goldsmith, and surrender to your infinite truth instead.

THAT is power. THAT is love. THAT is purpose. And THAT is worth more than any influencer could provide.

Your body is energy

Guys, this earth is changing, our ways need to change. I don’t know where it’s leading but I can promise you it’s so beautiful despite the darkness that it may feel around you. THIS is the birthing process; THIS is the seed as it reaches through the earth. Remember the darkness and depravity before Jesus was resurrected from the grave.

I trust and I surrender to our Divine, Heavenly Creator and His plan. Do you?

If you desire to start on the path of connection, of trust, of surrender, I encourage you to check out my new 7 Days to Connection Journal. An incredible resource with simple questions to be asked, and filled out daily. to start expanding on the intimate journey with your Soul and with God/the Divine.



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