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Relaxation Massage

30 min, $50
45 min, $65
60 min, $75
75 min, $85

Our popular Relaxation Massage treatment is the ultimate way to end the busy week. Perfect whether you simply desire stress relief or if you require a deeper pressure therapeutic massage. Revitalize your body with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system.

Crystal Massage

Healing in Body and Spirit

A 60 minute massage that integrates both hands-on massage and the use of smooth crystal palm stones perfect to relieve sore muscles, treat inflammation, and recover from any injuries while also healing and nurturing the spirit. Reach ultimate relaxation after this treatment and leave feeling revitalized, ready to tackle anything that your upcoming week may bring you.
All Crystal Massage treatments include an optional Energy Clearing utilizing Sage & Selenite.

Clear Quartz Massage

Rose Quarz Massage

Blue Calcite Massage

quartz crystal massage
rose quartz crystal massage
blue calcite crystal massage

60 min, $95

The Master Healer Crystal known for its intense, pure vibrations; provides a sense of clarity, balance, and intent to your life. Perfect for aligning your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Labradorite Massage

60 min, $95

The Stone of Universal Love; restoring trust, harmony, and confidence within relationship of the self and with others.  Rose quartz assists in gently taking down the walls of trauma and aids in finding forgiveness and opening up with peace and love. This stone is known to also increase circulation, assist ones learning and memory, and soothe inflammation.

Intuitive Crystal Massage

60 min, $95

The Stone of Comfort, soothing and relaxing the emotional body. Perfect for those who suffer from anxiety or depression this stone opens up a clear, but gentle, communication channel between your thoughts and feelings. Absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into peace, calm, and love.

Energy Activation

labradorite crystal massage
crystal massage
IMG_20210209_111719 (1)_edited.jpg

60 min, $95

The Stone of Transformation; perfect in times of stress and change to aid in grounding oneself and enhancing inner strength. Strengthens the intuition, banishes fear and insecurities, and enhances trust and faith in the self and Higher Power.

75 min, $115

Not quite sure what you need? After a brief consultation your practitioner will perform a 60 minute massage using a custom array of crystals intuitively picked to re-align and heal your spirits energy.

Add On: $10

An energy activation will be performed utilizing Ta-n-Akh, the Oil of Abremalin, on your third eye along with slight pressure in certain points on your head, feet, and hands to aid your body in being more receptive to the crystals energy and to awaken your energy meridians to the power of the Divine.

egypt 2.jpg

Sacred Egyptian Awakening Massage

75 min, $130

Be transported back in time to the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids during this 90 minute treatment involving the original, historically accurate remedies concocted by Wandering Stars.
This treatment begins with breathwork utilizing the Seven Sacred Oils of Ancient Egypt to center and align your spirit.

A full body massage with Madjet and Sesame Oil will commence, which has warm and deep penetrating properties similar to, yet not as overpowering, as Tiger Balm, which relaxes tight sore muscles and is known to improve circulation and reduce cellulite. 
Your treatment will be finished with a third eye activation and scalp massage with Ta-n-akh: The Annointing Oil of Abremalin.

During this treatment your body will be soothed and restored and your spirit will be subtly awakened to your ancestral Divine Knowledge thus ushering in a sense of peace, calm, and assuredness.

Please note due to the herbal ingredients in Madjet and Ta-n-akh this treatment can be highly stimulating and is not recommended for those with extremly sensitive skin or for those who may be pregnant.

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