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Sacred Egyptian Treatments

Experience a unique offering to the Kootenays partaking in the magic of recipes from Ancient Egypt. Utilizing oils and creams carefully handcrafted after much research from sacred texts by Wandering Stars, and administered with love, care, and pure energetic intent by your practitioner, take a deep dive into your Soul and come back feeling transformed and renewed.

Sacred Egyptian Treatments

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Sacred Egyptian Awakening Massage

75 min, $130

Be transported back in time to the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids during this 90 minute treatment involving the original, historically accurate remedies concocted by Wandering Stars.
This treatment begins with breathwork utilizing the Seven Sacred Oils of Ancient Egypt to center and align your spirit.

A full body massage with Madjet and Sesame Oil will commence, which has warm and deep penetrating properties similar to, yet not as overpowering, as Tiger Balm, which relaxes tight sore muscles and is known to improve circulation and reduce cellulite. 
Your treatment will be finished with a third eye activation and scalp massage with Ta-n-akh: The Annointing Oil of Abremalin.

During this treatment your body will be soothed and restored and your spirit will be subtly awakened to your ancestral Divine Knowledge thus ushering in a sense of peace, calm, and assuredness.

Sacred Egyptian Pedicure

No Polish - 60 min, $70
Gel Polish - 75 min, $85

Take a gentle foray into this ancient realm combining breath work with the Seven Sacred Oils of Ancient Egypt during your foot soak, an exfoliating foot scrub, callus removal, nail and cuticle trim, and finish off with a soothing foot and leg massage with Madjet and Sesame Oil to relax your body and help shift your consciousness to that of peace and calm.


Energy Clearing & Activation

Add On: $20

An energetic shower: Utilizing Selenite and the burning of Sage, the space and your body will be smudged to transmute any negative energy and improve your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  
An energy activation will then be performed utilizing Ta-n-Akh, the Oil of Abremalin, on your third eye along with slight pressure in certain points on your head, feet, and hands to aid your body in being more receptive to the energy of the treatment.

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading Add On

Add On: $35

Finish off your magical journey with some insight and wisdom for your life with a custom oracle card reading. Whether you need insight for any specific questions or simply guidance for your life at this time, your practitioner will expertly intune clarity, perspective, and peace from a custom selection of oracle cards/decks.

Wandering Stars

Please note due to the herbal ingredients in Madjet and Ta-n-akh this treatment can be highly stimulating and is not recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin or for those who may be pregnant.

Learn more about the ingredients from Wandering Stars following the links below:
Seven Sacred Oils
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