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For the woman who is ready to be in control of her life.


Taking Control of Your Destiny

Opal Dawn Holistic believes in accessibility & growth for all, at your own pace.

Presenting our first downloadable, fillable workbook:


7 Day Connection Journal 

Unlock a powerful intuition and deepen your Divine Connection to effortlessly flow through life's path of least resistance—for just $15


Image by Annie Spratt

Intuition is your soul whispering truth to your heart, hoping that you hear,
-Kate Spencer

Cultivate Intuition, Deepen Divine Connection, and Embrace Flow for $15

7 Day Connection Journal

Intuition is a natural skill we're all born with, but life's experiences can cause us to forget it over time. Cultivating your intuition not only heightens your awareness of your surroundings but also allows you to harmonize with life's natural flow, effortlessly steering you toward your destined goals using the path of least resistance.

On the other hand, Divine Connection is a direct line of communication with a higher power, our Creator, God. This divine source possesses an unparalleled sense of knowing, love, and purpose for our existence, based on His original plan for us.

Our '7 Days of Connection Journal' serves as your guide in both these areas, featuring:


* ˚ ✦ A fillable Google Document spanning 7 days, designed to enhance your intuition and Divine Connection.* ˚


* ˚ ✦A guided meditation to help you uncover your innate intuition and how it manifests most naturally for you.* ˚

With our Divine Connection we are always in touch with the solutions we are seeking.

-Wayne Dyer

Further Questions?

Do I need to Believe in God?

While this Journal uses the term 'God,' it embraces a non-judgmental space for your interpretation. My aim is not to convert but to inform, drawing from my personal journey of truth. I encourage you to embark on your own path of self-discovery and truth

How do I use the journal?

The Journal is created in Google Documents.
You get to have a downloadable copy which includes questions and fillable space for each of the 7 days. This can be filled in online on your computer, or phone.
If you prefer a paper copy you can simply choose to print it out instead!

Wish to repeat it after 7 days? Create a copy of your version and fill it out again! It can be helpful to save your answers though to look back on over time to watch how you progress, and the clarity you gain.

Are there refunds?

Due to the digital, automatic downloadable nature of this program there will be no refunds permitted. If any complications arise please feel free to reach out and I'll be sure to get you sorted.

Why is this resource only $15?!

As mentioned earlier, I'm committed to making resources accessible and affordable for everyone.

While I offer personalized 1-on-1 programs and energy healing that may not always fit every budget, I wanted to create something valuable and impactful that everyone could afford to kickstart their personal journey of connection, healing, and growth. That's why this journal was created. Keep an eye out for more downloadable workbooks and programs coming soon!

Not sure if this program is for you?

Send us a quick note and we'll be sure to answer all of your questions!

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