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Image by Hannah Gullixson


Your feet contain pressure points for your whole body, including the internal organs, therefore when you take care of your feet you are taking care of your whole body health.

Sit back, nurture, and love your feet, health, and spirit with any of our relaxing pedicure treatments.


Natural Pedicure

Image by Noah Buscher

45 min, $50

Let your natural beauty shine through with this pedicure without any polish.

Includes a Himalayan Salt Foot Soak, Exfoliating Scrub, Callus and Cuticle Removal, Nail Trim, and Healing Massage.

Gel Pedicure

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

60 min, $65

Embrace an active lifestyle with our long-lasting gel polish pedicure.

​Includes a Himalayan Salt Foot Soak, Exfoliating Scrub, Callus and Cuticle Removal, Nail Trim, Healing Massage, and Gel Polish Application. 

Add Ons:
$5 Multiple Colours/Single Accent Nail 
$10 Any Design You Dream Of

Sacred Egyptian Pedicure

Egyptian Pedicure

60 min, $70

Take a gentle foray into the ancient realm of Egypt that includes a Foot Soak, Exfoliating Scrub, Callus and Cuticle Removal, and Nail Trim, then breath work is begun with the Seven Sacred Oils of Ancient Egypt before you drift away with a soothing Foot and Leg Massage with Madjet and Sesame Oil to relax your body and help shift your consciousness to that of peace and calm.

$85 With Gel Polish Add-On


Energy Clearing & Activation

Image by michal dziekonski

Add-On: $20

Utilizing Selenite and the burning of Sage, the space and your body will be smudged to transmute any negative energy and improve your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.
Following the energy clearing Ta-n-Akh, the Oil of Abremalin, will be applied on your third eye along with certain points on your head, feet, and hands to subtly awaken your energy meridians to the power of the Divine.

Crystal Nail Art

Image by Gabby Conde

Add On: $10

Bring the healing energy of crystals with you wherever you go by adding genuine, Reiki-Infused, crystal chips to your Gel Polish Application.

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