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Etheric Vitality Enhancement (EVE)

A unique energetic modality combining elements of Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Techniques, custom tailored to each individual, as is divined by God and Spirit, to assist in bringing you into wholeness and peace in Body, Mind, and Soul.

Explore our single, in-person etheric offerings below.

We also offer additional digital workbooks, 1on1 sessions, and more to assist in soul healing and expansion; you may view  these options under "Energetic Services" or by clicking the button below.

EVE Session

Reiki Treatment

$155 for 60 minutes

Providing full Mind, Body, and Spirit balance; cleansing and recharging your energy channels, reclaiming all aspects of your Soul, and connecting you with your Inner Divinity and Power.

Session includes a Sage Blessing, 30 minutes of energy work along with a 15 minute post consult and mentoring session. 


We highly encourage booking this session with our holistic coaching for a complete, transformative approach to wellness. Learn more below:

EVE Massage

Image by Angélica Echeverry

$110 for 60 Minutes

Combining Bodywork with Energetic Enhancement; a gentle foray into our EVE Sessions involving a back, neck, and shoulder massage along with release and enhancement of your energetic systems.

Session includes a Sage Blessing, approximately 45 minute massage combined with Energetic Work, and a 15 minute post consult and mentoring session.

EVE Facial


$145 for 75 Minutes

A unique experience combining skincare and massage with Energetic Enhancement particularly focused on easing your mind and enhancing your connection with Spirit.

Session includes a Sage Blessing, Facial Cleanse, Gentle Skin Exfoliation, and Hydrating Face Mask, complete with a mini neck, shoulder, and scalp massage combined with Energetic Work, and a 15 minute post consult and mentoring session.

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