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Transforming Fear into your Ally: 3 steps to start the shift.

Fear: A subject we are all privy too and struggling to avoid for most of our lives. Fear can manifest in all areas of our lives such as money, our career, relationships, our family, getting older, and society in general.

The Oxford Dictionary describes fear as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat.”

There are two things I wish to point out in that statement: That fear is unpleasant, and that it is caused by a belief.

In this blog post I wish to break down fear and the detriment it has on your body, share the key shift to transforming fear into your ally, as well as 3 methods to assist in maintaining this transformation as you go about your life.

brain transforming into something beautiful

To begin with, I wish to point out the obvious. Fear is caused by your beliefs – in this I mean that you are focused on the future and dwelling on negative occurrences which are then causing detrimental effects on your body in the present. What are these detrimental effects? There is a part of your brain called the amygdala that is responsible for basically governing fear; it detects a threat, signals to the hypothalamus and you receive a flood of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

man being stressed

The problem with this? When the amygdala is activated you divert from your pre-frontal cortex, your thinking brain, and rely on your instincts and your subconscious. Everything you know goes out the window and your previous life trauma and primal attitude kick in.

When we are constantly inundated with fear we are basically kicking our brains into limp mode and living from an outdated system that no longer best serves us on this current life pathway.

You can have all the nervous system regulation techniques, meditations, and latest spiritual woo but if you aren’t in your thinking brain to utilize those you can basically kiss them goodbye.

So what is one to do instead? We need to reframe our attitude around fear. Sure shit surelock you say, but how am I to do that?

Recognize and become comfortable with the fact that you have nothing to fear. Except maybe if a cougar attacks you on a hike, but I’m talking about real life shit here okay? Then again even fearing the likelihood of a cougar attack? Might not be necessary …. but keep reading and you can make your own decision there.

There are a million of bible verses on fear; in actuality upon a google search the Bible states “do not fear” 365 times apparently. I know however a lot of you aren’t always that keen on the Bible, or don’t find enough comfort to just say “okay good enough” and carry on.

pathways in a forest

So what if I told you instead, your soul has signed up for this life on earth and for certain experiences?

I’m not saying everything that happens to you is karma, but instead I ask you to ponder how often the very thing you try to avoid is what happens to you.

Even in Kung Fu Panda, sending a messenger to increase the guards against a dangerous prisoner, was the very act that resulted in the prisoner escaping. In addition, in quantum physics, the observer effect is noted whereupon simply observing a situation or phenomenon causes it to change.

Now that effect can actually be either a good, or a bad thing.

With this understanding I ask you, what if you were to trust in a Higher Power, i.e. God, and simply recognized fear as a “warning system” whereupon we could observe a situation, utilizing our thinking mind, and thereby change it into a more positive, desired situation.

When your check engine light comes on you don’t panic you simply think “I need to take my vehicle to a mechanic”. When your body gets sick your immediate thought isn’t “I’m dying!” it’s merely that you need rest, maybe to eat better, take some vitamins, and nourish your body.

What if you could transform fear into simply a “text message” from God that there is something you need to pay attention too, to nurture, or to re-direct? In this way that trigger of fear can actually become a blessing, rather than a curse.

helpful text messages

So how can you start to implement, and train your body in such a way that you don’t automatically kick start your hormones from initial fear responses? Keep reading for a 3 step method to transform your fear into your greatest ally: 1. Develop your relationship with God. Keep in mind practice, patience, and time; just like with your partner or best friend you were able to deepen your trust and understanding of them from time spent together, thereby expanding and growing in security and love with them. So too is the same with God and your understanding and trust in your life.

2. Set up a healthy environment; take stock of what situations cause you the most fear and build a life around healthy habits and environments that bring you the most joy, gratitude, and purpose in life based on love and trust. If you’re developing your career out of scarcity and lack, you will always be operating under those pretenses, so ask how can you shift your focus?

Recognize even in life so much of society is around fear; rich celebrities inciting greed and jealousy, movies endorsing horror, cheating, and greed. Recognize these situations and create an environment that fosters love, truth, and freedom rather than inciting and provoking those stress hormones.

3. Heal your past trauma. This is third for a reason because unless you are in a stable, positive environment stemming with a trust and deep relationship with God you won’t have the energy, or emotional capacity to look within. But once you have done so, you can begin this inward process so that even when situations arise that trigger you, they will no longer hold the same grasp on your hormones and mind as they once did.

This is why the first workbook I have released is my 7 Days of Connection journal; through this you can begin the process of turning inwards, deepening your connection with self and God, thereby being able to recognize the bread crumbs left for you to grow and expand your life according to your soul purpose, all the while healing and transforming fear and your daily life - and it's available for only $5.

In addition, tomorrow, May 31st I am hosting my first group energy healing session: harnessing dragon energy to burn through your limiting beliefs, opening a portal to Divine Wisdom, initiating you into your truth and true soul authenticity. It's not one to be missed, is completely free, and even if you can't attend live I'll be sending you the recording to access at your leisure.

It's time to stop the pandemic of fear in our lives because only then can we feel at home in our bodies, in our mind, and in our spirit, and truly shine our light as it was meant to shine.



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