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Channeled Guidance

Are you feeling stuck or confused on a particular situation in your life?
Requiring some clarity, or an outside perspective? 
Desiring connection, guidance, and insight into your current journey?


Connected as a Divine Conduit with God and the Holy Spirit you will receive a multiple card reading and channeled message offering guidance, insight, and counseling on a current life situation, or on your life overall.

These readings can assist in shifting your conscience from a state of dis-ease and resistance to one of peace, love, and confidence.

Please note these readings are not intended to tell the future or connect with Spirits.


This service is available as an add-on to any treatment.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Reading & Guidance

Energy Clearing

Tarot Card Reading


Receive a multiple card reading and channeled message for insight and advice on one area of your life, or for your life in general.

Performed as an add-on treatment.

Add On: $10

An energetic shower: Utilizing Selenite and the burning of Sage, the space and your body will be smudged to transmute any negative energy and improve your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

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