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Why the Rat Race is Destroying Your Dreams, and the World, on a Biological/Neurological Level

Our brains are primitively wired to keep us safe for exactly as the kids movie “Croods” declared, “New is Bad”. Did you know that our brain will actually come up with a wide number of scenarios to prevent us from choosing situations which activate the fear response within our systems?

So how does this relate to the rat race, and how does this destroy not only your dreams personally, but the world collectively?

This is the subject upon which I will be exploring and discussing in this blog post, as well as sharing how to overcome this dire predicament that is spreading through the world as the newest plague.

I would like to start by straight out declaring that we are being subconsciously programmed to stay in fear.

In regards to most recent events was the c*vid vaccine however it hasn’t stopped there; As cost of living continues to soar spiking the cost of groceries, gas, and housing, we get stuck in this primitive state of fear just to survive and as such cannot open to connection or new possibilities (since survival is scary enough as is).

“I need to work, I need to work, oh god gas is so much! Egad the cost of lettuce?? How can I afford food, that’s okay who needs to eat when I can’t even afford my house … oh God there is no housing available!!” Our brains are running in hyper drive, our systems are in fight or flight, adrenaline and cortisol is flowing in mass amounts thereby shutting down our bodies, but dear god we can’t call in sick because the cycle will only be worse!!

As stated in the beginning when our brains are actually primitively wired to keep us safe, yet we are so overloaded with fear for basic needs, how can we even consider pondering the realities of achieving more?

But damn just look at Madonna and Rihanna! I need that new purse by Louis Vuitton. I need my botox! Why do they get to live like that? Hollywood….Great you say, It’s not fair.(Did you know greed/jealousy operates much like fear?)

Great, I’m never going to accomplish my dreams or get out of this cycle, but how does this affect everyone else on a global scale? (Keep reading, I promise I have an answer)

I could get extremely scientific here, but I’m going to do my best to keep it simple –Advances in science has revealed that not only do our thoughts influence our genetics, but that our genetics are shared between species.

Simpler yet - Our cells are alive, and evolve, and they share information with each other.

Taking it into the wild, essentially, if a certain plant develops specific genes that will enable it to better survive other surrounding plants can also adopt similar gene patterning to help them survive. This occurs between all species – plants, animals, humans.

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest individually is toast – it’s now survival of the fittest, collectively.

So if our thoughts influence our genes, and our genes are shared collectively, what is the chance that our fear based thoughts are negatively affecting our genetics thereby keeping us sick due to all of the stress, and that our fear based genetics are being shared with everyone, and everything?

The news is certainly not covering scientists latest research on how genetically modified “super” food is now creating genetically modified “super” weeds, bugs, etc due to this gene transfer.

Could one go so far as to say that we are actually throwing the whole earth off kilter with these modifications, not just through farming, but from our thoughts, and could that actually be the reasoning behind all of our natural disasters?

It sounds like a stretch, but is it really? And how can we stop this?

Quite simply we need to get our heads out of the sand and unite in love.

The ironic thing is if we stepped out of our fear, we could see the illusion of lack that seems to surround us, the illusion of struggle, and be open to effortless flow instead.

God has promised he would provide for us (Matthew 6:26-27), there is countless amounts of money circulating at any given time, there is enough to go around, but we need to get out of our thinking brains and step into our feeling brain; we need to connect again with Spirit, we need to connect with others in love, and step out of this stupid fear-based, “elitism” rat race that Hollywood, the News, and the Government wants to keep perpetuating. I'm not saying wanting nice things is bad, but it's the way they are being advertised, the way our system is controlling things, the reactions they are causing when we are fixated on the physical, that is the problem. You can have wealth, you can have nice things, but how you go about it is going to look different than the standard 9-5 grind that is advertised.

  • We need to take steps to ensure our bodies and minds stay regulated so we can escape the fear, so we can forge new connections, and make new choices.

  • We need to evaluate the beliefs, the perceptions, the identities that we have been raised with and start choosing differently.

  • We need to love all parts of ourselves so we can be open to love being given to us!

  • We need to stop living so physically and start living through feeling, through connection, anchored in love!

  • We need to stop focusing on the fear and start focusing on the good in the world.

I promise if you can turn off the news and raise your eyes from your every-day routine there will be a world full of love and splendor to witness around you. But you need to look up soon, or else you may end up destroying the very world around you, and in this instance, you personally really can make a big difference.

If you find yourself struggling with keeping your nervous system regulated, or desire assistance shifting your beliefs, moderating your fear, and catching yourself when your mind starts spinning I encourage you to follow my Instagram where I share lots of free resources, or to check out my Etheric Vitality Enhancement sessions where you can explore, and transform, those energetic charges to life that are holding you back from your true, authentic potential. Learn more in the links below!



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