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Welcome to a Life of Holistic, Spiritual Beauty Rooted in Biblical Truth

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

It's time to embrace change, to heal and liberate ourselves, to step into your own Divine Potential

Welcome, my name is Ella Heink, CEO of Opal Dawn Holistic Beauty. At our business our focus is on enhancing beauty in body, mind, and soul including spiritual beauty found in the Bible.

Here, it's not just about a beauty treatment, an energy healing, or even the aspect of checking all the boxes in life, it's about being who you were specifically meant to be, living the authentic, miraculous life God intended for you.

Through this Blog it is my intention to assist in guiding you from a place of Godly spiritual truth towards the fulfillment of your own Divine Potential.

In these pages you will discover topics such as

  • Who and what God is, and what is occurring spiritually in this world.

  • Dismantling church/religious bias and trauma.

  • The secrets of manifestation, moon cycles, crystals, and more rooted in Biblical truth.

  • Techniques to attract an effortless supernatural life of your dreams.

  • Methods to heal your mind & soul so you can actually appreciate and step into that life.

Some of these subjects may be foreign, some may make you question your beliefs and your reality, and ultimately, if you let them, they will guide you towards a life full of beauty in every way.

Be sure to enter your email in the subscription box at the top of the Blog home page so that you can be on our email list for when we start sending out a monthly newsletter with blog post updates, as well as coaching, and course special offers. You can also follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.

Much love to you and welcome to your beautiful life.



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