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How to Use Crystals for Spiritual Healing and Protection in Line with God and Biblical Truths

I would love to take you all along on a journey dissecting crystals and there divine purpose from God.

I have often found at church that the use or belief in of crystals as more than just pretty objects was quite often frowned upon so before we continue I would like to raise awareness to the many areas in the Bible in which crystals were held under high regard.

First there was what is known as the Breastplate of Aaron, or the Priestly Breastplate, in Exodus 28:15-30 that contained twelve precious stones to represent each of the twelve tribes, and was to be worn by the priest before entering the Holy Place in the Temple.

Ezekiel 28:13 mentions a list of precious stones that were adorned to man.

You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you:carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings[b] were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared.

It is also referenced that when Solomon built God’s temple in 2 Chronicles 3 that he adorned the temple with precious stones (verse 6), and in Revelation21:18-20 it describes the foundations of New Jerusalem being decorated with another list of precious stones.

Now let’s get sciencey – Crystals have been found to be able to store, and conduct energy, depending on how it is used. Crystals are found in computers, cell phones, and medical equipment for this reason. They essentially contain an energy field and emit a specific vibration.

Our bodies also possess an energy field and can be affected by the vibrations of stimuli around us, including that of crystals!

In such, crystals are just one of the many magnificent creations from God, exposing the beautiful revelation of His divine attributes, which includes that of being our healer! The problem arises when we hand off the power to the crystal, and worship/idolize the crystal, rather than acknowledging the power and divinity of God.

So how to do we make the most of our crystals?

To start, I always love to say a prayer over any new crystal I acquire. This can be as simple as thanking God for this crystal in your life, and asking that His wisdom and attributes be transmitted to you through the crystal in whatever way He sees fit. You can also get specific with your intention asking that this crystal perhaps assists in attracting your dream job or maybe a loving partner, you could ask that it aids in more confidence, heals emotional distress, etc. based upon the particular attributes of the crystal.

Following this I have 3 preferred methods to work with crystals.

1. Keep the crystal on your person during the day, or even sleep with it under your pillow or by your bedside at night. You can also just have crystals in certain areas of your home to enhance the overall vibration of that room. This can be a perfect, subtle, method to permit the vibration of that crystals energy field to shift your own personal energy vibration.

2. A more direct way of working with crystals is by using them in meditation; you could either choose a few different crystals, or work with one specific one. Before your meditation begins start with a prayer to God asking Him to guide and assist you in this meditation, and expressing gratitude for His healing You can then lay down quietly for 15 minutes or more with the crystal placed on your body, or beside you, to allow the crystal to perform a deeper transformation of your vibratory field while in a meditative state. I love using this method on my clients or in our day spa during certain massage or facial treatments.

3. Finally, one further way that I love to connect with my crystals is in a deeper meditation, connecting specifically with the essence of one single crystal to learn its wisdom or shift my consciousness in a more transformative way. In this I will, as always, state a prayer to God permitting myself to access the vibration of that crystal, opening my mind to the wisdom needed from it, and expressing gratitude for what I shall be shown.

It can then help to softly gaze into the crystal and essentially imagine you are stepping into its core, as if you are stepping into another reality, allowing your mind to wander to wherever it chooses to lead you.

This type of meditation can take a bit of practice but can prove extremely rewarding.

Now how do you know which crystals to work with?

A great tip can be remembering that colours of crystals can correspond with the colours of the chakras. For example red crystals would correspond with the root chakra and in such typically be great for enhancing self-esteem, confidence, passion, etc. Blue crystals would correspond with the throat and be great for improving communication, speaking your truth, self-expression, etc. Black crystals are typically great for grounding, while white crystals for illumination.

In addition, you can always ask when you look at that crystal, what does the colour, or crystal itself, make you specifically feel? Is it soothing, does it feel bold and powerful, or does it make you feel peaceful? Certain crystals, while they may have specific attributes, could have certain lessons to teach yourself specifically based on what you need in your life.

Learning to trust yourself, and your own connection with God and what He inspires in you in that moment is the most important!

So what kinds of attributes do crystals have? Let's look at some of the specific crystals mentioned in the Priestly Breastplate of Exodus 28. Now, based on translation and the crystals that were actually available at the time, there is some varied opinions of which crystals are stated so let’s just look a few of my favourites from those listed; Specifically let’s outline amethyst, lapis lazuli, ruby, turquoise, and onyx.

Amethyst: A powerful, soothing stone that is excellent for enhancing your spiritual connection and wisdom. It can be a great aid to relieve depression, stress, and anxiety. Physically it is reported to assist in healing addiction and strengthening the immune system.

Lapis Lazuli: A stone geared towards wisdom and communication, aiding you in trusting the Divine wisdom of God and becoming a clear conduit for this wisdom, as well as understanding it and applying it to one’s own life. Lapis Lazuli can have a soothing, cooling effect perfect for healing inflammation.

Ruby: A stone of good fortune and passion, ruby is perfect for those working on new accomplishments in life; improves motivation, energy, and concentration. Ruby has also been known to heal and strengthen the heart, as well as assist in any blood disorders such as circulation or menstruation.

Turquoise: A calming stone to enhance and gently balance ones connection with Earth and with Spirit in a loving manner, as well as inspiring creativity. Turquoise is believed to assist in healing sore throats and relieving allergies.

Onyx: A strong, grounding, protective stone; can impart confidence and assist in healing and regulating emotional turmoil. A wonderful stone for connecting with wounded parts of one’s soul and bringing them back into balance. Onyx is also known to assist in healing any bone or tooth disorders.

As you dive into the world of crystals and their properties you can discover a vast magnitude of information, however it always important to remember these qualities all point to the magnificence of our Divine Heavenly God, and to trust and build your connection with Him, to inspire you towards which crystals to work with.

If you ever desire assistance to discover which crystals are important for yourself to work with, to better learn how to connect with crystals, or to enhance your connection with God, don’t hesitate to reach out as I cover all those aspects in my 1on1 coaching.



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