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How connecting with God can enhance your life

You lead a busy life ….

Perhaps you have a family,

Your friends,

Your career,

You fill your time going out for drinks with friends,

Doing house work,

All of those physical aspects in one’s life, but I challenge you,

Do you feel fulfilled on a spiritual, emotional level?
Or have you secretly wondered if this life is all there is?
Is there more?

You look to the stars and feel this feeling in your gut that something is out there; surely you must have a greater purpose then just all this “stuff”.

Or maybe you attend Church every Sunday, or have your spiritual practice in some form, but you haven’t experienced that radical shift, authentic life, sheer bliss so many on social media are preaching about?

Today, in this post, I would love to share how connecting with God has transformed my life and what you can expect as you grow an intimate, loving, magical relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

The biggest difference I noticed when I turned to God was an authentic, empowered, sense of purpose.

While yes, I dove deep into spirituality before (you can read about my journey here), once I actually connected with the true Lord of Lords, forming a relationship with Jesus Christ, and enhancing my connection with the Holy Spirit I gained a sense of clarity, and peace, around who I was and why I was here on this earth.

There were no more doubts, and while yes, how to achieve that purpose had its own questions, I now had faith that as my relationship with God grew, He would guide me along that journey step by step.

This leads me to the next difference, forging the connection with God now forged a connection and love for myself, and in turn for others, that I had never known before.

By understanding how much God loved me, and how hard God both forgave, and fought for me, it transcended all other emotions.

This love gave me the strength to:

  • Overcome addiction in my life,

  • Begin the journey of healing trauma from abusive relationships,

  • Personally forgive, and gain compassion for others in my life, all the while still maintaining respect for my own life,

  • Shift how I let others treat me, setting healthy boundaries, and in such...

  • Choose healthier relationships and situations for my life

So, how can you start walking with God?

Simple really, reach out to Him.

Talk with Him, spend time in silent listening, and start to expand your knowledge on who He is and how to best honour Him and involve Him into your life.

Just as building a relationship with someone else takes time, it takes questions, it takes work, so does your relationship with God, but I promise it’ll be so much more juicy and rewarding than any other relationship you can experience.

You don’t have to go it alone however; from my own experiences and connection I created our self-led course, Reclaim Your Life.

This course is like a short cut of my own journey to start building your own connection with God; recognizing the bread crumbs God has been leaving you, guiding you back to your authentic purpose and love, all in practical, action steps right where you are today.

If you are ready to witness a life that transcends all limitations, activating your authentic, Divine purpose, liberating your life in truth and love, sign up today.



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