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Eliminate Anxiety, Access your Power, Unleash your Purpose with Etheric Vitality Enhancement

Have you found yourself waking up every morning, going through the routine, but wondering if this is all there really is to life? Trying to fit into the mould of what it looks like to be a mother, a wife, maybe you are even successful in your career but feeling like something is missing, wondering if this is all there is? Or maybe you are living your purpose, but you find yourself constantly getting sick, or full of anxiety, having to struggle and hustle to bring your dreams to light and thinking surely there’s an easier way?

That’s where Etheric Vitality Enhancement (EVE) comes in and today in this post I will be sharing the science and method behind our signature modality, what a session looks like, and how can it can radically shift and improve your life, effortlessly. No more struggling, no more dis-ease, no more wondering where you belong, and gone is the illusion that life has to be hard.

Our entire body is made up of energy. Our cells are constantly vibrating, communicating with each other, firing and wiring patterns; it’s a mass energetic network.

It has been proven that the thoughts we think can become ingrained into our cells – in fact our very thoughts can shift and change our genetic makeup! Simply, our thoughts actually transform into our reality. So why can’t we just change our thoughts and then change our reality?

Well the cells that fire together, wire together: our conditioning and way of thinking that we have grown up with becomes a habit, a habit becomes a routine, and that routine becomes our reality and too often we don’t even recognize what, or why, that reality is.

We dismiss stress and anxiety as a normal way of life when in fact it’s our bodies way of alerting us to a deeper problem, like a car’s warning light coming on, but instead we just treat the stress, or think of it as normal, instead of looking at the actual root cause.

These conditions ingrained in your cells can even go back to before you were born; fun fact, when a woman is carrying a female baby the babies eggs for her future children are actually already developed. Essentially a pregnant woman is carrying the eggs of her grandchildren – the genetic makeup of that future child can be shifted, or ingrained with a certain cellular makeup based upon the conditions and thoughts of the grandmother! As such sometimes your certain way of being is effected by the thoughts and lifestyle of your ancestors which is why too often we aren’t even aware of how, or why, we are the way we are.

This all can seem very daunting but I assure you it can be resolved!

Every EVE session is different and catered to where you are specifically, at that point in time.

The session begins with an approximate 10 minute discussion to review a short form that you fill out prior to discover where you are currently at, and what your intentions are for the session.

I will then open the space for healing, love, and protection with a sage blessing.

It is not necessary to relive any trauma or painful experiences, and you are in charge of your healing journey every step of the way, but together we can explore and transform:

  • Anxiety, Trauma, or Trapped Emotions stored in your body

  • Shift old behaviours (that once served you) that are now holding you back

  • Reconnect with parts of your soul that you released, or hid from, due to life experiences

This is done through a combination of channeled Divine and Crystal Energy, in addition to acting as a sacred witness while guiding you into the deeper levels of your mind so you can gently explore the root causes of your symptoms, and participate in your own healing. We then wrap up the session after approximately 30-40 minutes, closing with another sage blessing, upon when we can then discuss how the session felt and what was discovered/transformed.

All together a session lasts 60 minutes and you come out of it feeling relaxed, at peace, and restored.

Following your session you will be gifted approximately 3 customized, simple action steps to implement in your routine, based upon your EVE session, to support you in regulating and integrating your new mental/emotional state to match with your transformed energetic body.

In addition I will recommend 2 optional crystals to assist in holding this elevated energetic frequency, and how to best utilize them.

If you are ready to unlock the path of transformation, of effortless living, renewed peace and vitality, then clink the link below book your EVE session today. Not quite ready to take the leap for 1on1 assistance yet? My workbook Limitless Freedom may just be thing for you, revealing exactly where you may be spinning your wheels, and guiding you into you future of authenticity and power. Whichever path you choose, ask yourself, "What would it feel like to have freedom from your past, from your limitations?" You owe this to yourself, let's get started today.

or simply reach out with a message and let’s discover, together, where you are at and how to best get to where you want to go, or recognize as possible but need the assistance in how.



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