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Abortion - It's Time we Speak Up, Defy the Judgement, Embracing Ourselves in Love.

Abortion is an extremely controversial subject often discussed in quiet circles, riddled with shame, rejection, fear, anger, and even hate or loathing; including from those who express love for all, or are in the church.

This is a subject I have personally had to walk through, and been a sacred witness to, holding space for woman, buried often under years of trauma and dis-ease, typically due to the judgement of others, in addition to their own pain and personal tragedy.

It is time we raise our voices, we step out from the shadows; I am tired of being ashamed and witnessing others feel the same.

In this post I desire to raise awareness to this subject, express my thoughts and beliefs anchored from the Bible, and hopefully shed some light and love, including from God, to all those who have had to experience this situation, or known someone who has.

Please note this post may be a trigger for some, but my hope is if you can walk through it, observing and honouring your feelings, you can ultimately come to a place of acceptance, and even love, compassion, and healing.

To start I would like to share my story: The exact details of when, how, or why, honestly do not matter. Really, none of the details matter; I would be lying if I didn’t state though that I previously held the belief that if I practiced safety that God would not put me in such a situation. Realistically though, this situation could happen to anyone, and it wasn’t a matter of what God was to “permit”.

What does matter is that I felt ashamed, scared, lost, and utterly alone; I felt if I shared what I was going through with anyone I would be utterly judged, and I already felt such despair in my situation I couldn’t handle anyone opposing me.

I felt tragedy and loss, I grieved immensely, all the while trying to deal with terrible, constant morning sickness, taking care of my kids as a single parent, and run my business. And through my grieving I still couldn’t turn to anyone for fear of the lash back that “I made my bed”. I know I did, but it certainly didn’t make it any easier to walk through. I spent so many mornings and evenings before, and after, the abortion clutching my stomach in tears for this wee one and everything we had to face together, and all that we would never face, together.

The fact is, a lot of women face this, whether they faced a miscarriage, a medically forced abortion due to health or safety issues, or finding themselves pregnant from any number of circumstances, and yet we are left alone to grieve in silence, in fear of other’s judgements and the societal standard.

I have held a client as she weeped; revealing the root of her current pain all stemming back to a build-up of 20+ years of agony and silent suffering due to an abortion she experienced when she was younger.

Why are we doing this to ourselves??

And really though, I would like to raise the question, who are we to judge anyone for this situation, when so many of us can find ourselves in a similar parallel? Who are we to judge anyone for anything?

Luke 6:39 states “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the pit?”

For all purpose and standards we are all sinners in some way. As was told in John 8 when two adulterers came before Jesus he declared, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” And so it was that everyone walked away, and even Jesus himself did not condemn the pair.

In Romans 6 it declares how we are no longer even a slave to sin, that we live under the freedom of God’s grace, of his love.

John 13:34 declares from Jesus, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you are also to love one another.”

Essentially out of all this, no matter your situation, no matter your reasoning, no matter what has occurred or is occurring, I wish to declare:

  • Only you know what is truth for you.

  • You are loved.

  • God loves you.

  • We all sin, so don't judge others, and don't judge yourself.

We should not have to hide in shame or trauma, alone, anymore; Let us build our community, together, shifting from victim to a survivor, a hero, together.

If you have ever walked through an abortion, or any trauma for which you feel shame, I invite you to reach out through a message as I wish to extend an invitation of a discounted energy healing session to assist in releasing any stored energy, bathing you in light, and helping you rediscover your purpose, your power, your divinity, in love.



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