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Etheric Vitality Enhancement

Unravel your Soul Experiences, Anchor your Purpose, Claim your Destiny

Our Signature 1 on 1 Energy Healing & Coaching

Experience our transformative 60-minute energy healing and personalized online coaching that elevates and aligns your cellular vibration, in addition to being provided unwavering support and tailored techniques to help rewrite outdated thought patterns, habits, and behaviors.

Our holistic life coaching approach provides a direct path to achieving focus, mastery, and stability in body, mind, and soul

The Purpose behind our signature method:
Etheric Vitality Enhancement

A unique blending of Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanism under the divine governance and guidance of God.


Before these sessions my life had felt like a tangled mess of yarn, chaotic and without direction; from this experience with Ella it feels like she unraveled this tangled mess of my soul and now I have confidence, clarity, and the resources to move forward. All of my experiences finally make sense and I feel complete, whole, and healed.


Image by Julian Hanslmaier

Think of your mind and body as creatures of habit, forming patterns over time. When we restore your energy vibration, it's like hitting a reset button. But, here's the key – without coaching to guide you, those old patterns might creep back in.

Imagine your life as a house, and these limiting beliefs, energetic attachments, and old vibrations as unwelcome guests. Just like in Matthew 12:44-45, if you evict these energies but don't fortify your 'house,' they can return with even greater force.
This is where 'doing the homework' after an energy session comes in. It's like securing your 'house' (your physical body and mind).

Energy healing, combined with coaching, is a potent method for transformation. It creates a holistic approach that not only resets your energetic balance but also provides the guidance and tools to ensure these changes are lasting. 


With this holistic approach, you'll undergo a profound transformation – mind, body, and soul, stepping into a story beyond your wildest dreams.

Why Combine Coaching & Energy Healing?

Image by Edz Norton

Our Signature Method

Etheric Vitality Enhancement: Each session is conducted over Zoom or in-person and spans 75 minutes. It begins with an initial consultation and ends with an extended post-consultation. The actual energy work lasts for approximately 30-40 minutes.
We start by opening up your energy fields with a sage smudge blessing, invoking the presence of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as well as any other divine ancestors, entities, or guides.
A brief meditation guides you in relaxing your body and mind. During the rest of the session, you'll simply relax as I work through your energy field. Occasionally, I may ask simple yes or no questions or lead you through a meditation method that involves your mind in its own healing. Each session is unique, tailored to what I observe in your energy field at that moment and guided by divine insight.


Transformational Support: Following each 75-minute energy healing session, we delve into your experiences and equip you with practical tools. These tools are your bridge to real transformation.


Following in our weekly 45-minute life coaching sessions, we use the insights from the energy work to target your unique challenges.
We'll reshape limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors that have held you back for too long. The result? Tangible personal growth, heightened self-awareness, and a deep connection with your true self.

This journey empowers you to break free from limitations, embrace your inner strength and divinity, and live a life brimming with fulfillment, peace, and abundant opportunities.

The Complete Program

An Energetic, Holistic Transformation

Our 1:1 coaching program is a profound journey of personal growth, transformation, and healing.
We start with an initial 20-minute consultation to get to know your goals and aspirations. However, if you prefer, this consultation can be seamlessly integrated into your first energy healing session—a powerful way to kickstart your transformational journey.


What's Included in Your Personalized Coaching Program

  • Etheric Vitality Enhancement: Every coaching program begins with  our signature energy healing session —a unique feature that sets us apart. This session paves the way for your transformational journey, addressing both your personal and energetic dimensions.

  • Weekly Zoom Sessions: Our collaboration includes weekly 45-minute Zoom sessions. During these calls, we explore your challenges, goals, and progress. Together, we navigate a path towards your best self, addressing body, mind, and soul.

  • Empowering Homework: Beyond our sessions, you'll receive customized homework tailored to the topics we cover each week. This isn't your typical homework—it's a holistic blend of resources. You'll engage with informative materials, practices to regulate your nervous system, journal prompts, affirmations, and practical tools to explore your energy, divinity, and metaphysical realms, all capable of being seamlessly integrated with any busy life schedule.  These tools reinforce our core program concepts and support your growth.

  • Weekly Accountability: Your success is our focus. We maintain close contact throughout the week via email, text, or messenger. These check-ins offer guidance, motivation, and a friendly nudge when needed, ensuring you stay on your transformative path.

This is your journey of personal evolution and empowerment, enriched by the profound healing energy of our signature method, Etheric Vitality Enhancement.

Investment: Your investment in this journey of personal evolution and empowerment is $300 per month. This covers the profound healing energy of our signature method, Etheric Vitality Enhancement. followed by three life coaching sessions.

Together, we'll rewrite your life's narrative, break free from limitations, and embrace the empowered, fulfilled version of yourself you've always longed to be.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

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