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It's time to feel at Home; Anchored in Peace, Harmony, and Confidence in your Mind, Body & Soul.

At Opal Dawn Holistic we are revolutionizing the Wellness & Beauty Industry with a Holistic, Energetic Approach through online services, in-person beauty treatments and wellness events.

It's your turn for Renewal ... to stop playing in the old paradigm and take the first step into a new Era of Transformation, Health, and Beauty. 


Shift old beliefs and patterns so you can step into Limitless Freedom.



Feel more radiant with our Holistic Wellness Center + Beauty Spa located in Castlegar BC



Transcend on a SOUL level through our signature energetic strategies.


Hi, I'm Ella.

I am an Energetic Soul Coach + Healer, Divine Channel, and Spiritual Rebel.

I hold many certifications including my Diploma of Esthetics, Master Level of Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanism in addition to a deep knowledge of Energetics, Biology, and Neurology all of which I have combined to bring forward a new revolution of Holistic Wellness.

After experiencing and growing through a turbulent, traumatic life I desired to create a space for individuals of all walks of life to come and share in this loving, grounding energy whether it is for restoration of the physical through a beauty treatment, or expansion of their soul through my energetic offerings.  

It is my life work to act as an anchor; assisting others in feeling safe & grounded so they can start exploring their own potential: Holding space and love as they see past their limitations, embrace their power & truth, and illuminate their lives; ultimately stepping into a life of adventure, harmony, and beauty with a strong foundation of confidence, trust, and Divinity.

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Enhance your beauty

Holistic Wellness Center + Beauty Spa

We offer Lashes, Nails, Facials, Massage, Energy Healing, Events, and More.

Love all of you and revitalize your authentic divine power.



1502 Columbia Ave

Castlegar, BC

(250) 687-0574



Mon-Tues: 10 am - 1:00 pm
Wed: Closed

Thur - Fri: 9 am - 5:00 pm 
Sat & Sun: Closed

Soul Transformations

Everyone holds their own signature path here on this planet, maintaining their own Soul truths, however one thing is fact for everyone: we are all energy.

In this we have a variety of products and programs to honor your distinct Soul Journey and to assist in your Transformation. 

From our signature 1on1 Energy Healing Sessions: Etheric Vitality Enhancement, to workbooks, group programs/events, channeled messages and more we welcome you to explore, experience, and join in this revolution of holistic wellness.



Your guide to Limitless Freedom!

Re-discover who you truly are with my Limitless Freedom workbook! 

Recognize the perceptions and beliefs you've been conditioned with that truly affect how you now identify yourself with the world,

n from being stuck in your identity to recognizing these beliefs as mere roles to play so that you can shift and transform as you flow throughout everyday life. 

This free workbook is meant to gently guide you into freedom and personal choice. It is filled with journaling exercises to assist you in re-coding and transforming the beliefs you hold so you can step into your true, authentic, powerful self.

What a great experience!! Both my mom and I highly recommend Opal Dawn!! What a great de-stressor, your energy instantly calmed ours and we both left feeling refreshed and vibrant. This will be our new tradition every time I come to visit. Looking forward to seeing you again!

- Patti Moores

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