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Reclaiming Your Life

Self Led Workbook

That voice inside yourself calling out, "More", do you hear it?

That feeling that life has to be more than just this superficial existence of work, eat, sleep.

The gnawing at you from the daily grind, yet never feeling satisfied. Something seems ... missing.

This is where Reclaiming Your Life comes in; diving within, healing, connecting with your true Soul Self, and re-awakening the zeal for your life

Image by Henrik Dønnestad

The Concept

Each chapter of this course is magically in-tuned and channeled to suit your individual needs. While the path you are on may look slightly different than any others, the tools are the same to climb out of your hole. A shovel or a hammer can be used for many purposes, but it's still a shovel or a hammer, the outcome only lies in the expertise of the one who wields it, and it is this expertise I now bestow you in this course. 

What This Is:

A workbook with 5 chapters and 45 pages full of wisdom, insight, advice, and journaling prompts to assist you in:

  • Recognizing the patterns that have got you here

  • Understanding how God was trying to lead your life, and where you may have veered off course

  • Enhancing your Intuition and Connection with God so you can hear His words of Guidance and Wisdom

  • Practices to grow your gratitude and zest for life

  • Custom mantras to build courage and strength

  • Tools to build custom action steps to get you from a life of baahh to a life of RAWR.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1:  Take a close evaluation of the life you have lived, recognizing the subconscious undercurrent of passion and direction that Spirit was calling you to live.

Chapter 2: Remember and Recognize who you are as a Divine, Energetic, Spirit Being; discovering the positives in your life, right now, that has always existed, yet you may have been too clouded to see.

Chapter 3: Learn the tools to reclaim your power and unlock the mysteries holding you back so you can truly achieve joy in the present.

Chapter 4: Connect with Spirit: the all-knowing, all-powerful energy that guides your life, and has guided your life, amplifying its voice from a mere tingle to becoming your closest ally.

Chapter 5: Pull it all together in simple, achievable, action steps so you can live the life you never knew you deserved to live.

Your Soul knows all these things, your life at this time is like you are experiencing a form of amnesia, together let's lift the veil and peer through the haze, so you can embrace the beauty that is already all around you. 

Whom Is Spirit Calling?


This course is for those who are sick of living in the mundane. 

Those who know they have a purpose in their life more then just the labels of mother, co-worker, employee, wife, etc.

Those who stay up late at night on Instagram wishing for more ... or for those who dread waking up in the morning going to their 9-5.
Whether you are new to the self-help realm, or need a loving boost on your current path, I can guarantee this course will support, hold, and elevate you to new highs in your life, right where you are, now. 

Who am I for you to trust me in this wisdom? Quite frankly, I have lived a life of less than, of trauma, of abuse, of addiction, of illness.
I'll admit, I'm still not perfect, I still have my earthly struggles, but through this I desire to share my wisdom from having gone before you, having found my way connected with my Spirit Guides, and using the gifts God has bestowed me, to act as a clear conduit, channel, and way-bearer for your own personal path. 

You can continue on this same path you are on, going in circles, taking a step forward but two steps back, or you can say YES to truly Reclaiming Your Life and actually being pointed towards True North.

This course is your compass, tuning into where you truly are, offering you a loving hand, and gently guiding you forward.  

Consider this workbook the best makeover you can purchase, it's an investment in your self, enhancing beauty inside that will radiate outwards touching on every portion of your existence and on all those around you.

Why spend anymore time in the darkness, when you are being handed the strobe light of peace, purpose, and love. 

Say yes and get started on Reclaiming your Life today!

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