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Do you often feel that the grass may be greener?

There was a time, where I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life,

Is this really all there is?

Waking up and realising that society restricted me,

I felt like I had to fit into this box of what a successful life looks like,

I felt this heaviness on my chest,

But, when I learned how to remove all these restrictions, limiting beliefs and labels,

I broke free into the best version of me,

It's not about learning what you have to be,
But embracing who YOU truly are. .

Image by WARION Taipei

"My Existence is a Scandal"

-Oscar Wilde

What's Going To Happen To Your Life If You Don't Refine Your Beliefs?

You're going to be a slave to the permissions, intentions, and perceptions of everyone else around you, feeling like you are always giving of yourself, and never being seen, heard, or valued.
Authentic Beliefs give you purpose, passion, and direction that actually lights up your soul, and and make you feel fulfilled. 

False Beliefs trigger insecurity, anxiety, and overwhelm because you were born for a purpose, and all of those symptoms show up, like a warning light, to try to veer you back to you authentic self.

False Beliefs hides all of your gifts & talents ... Authentic Beliefs make you magnetic & irresistible to the people whose lives you are destined to transform, and even to your own life!  

If I could do this, so can you.

It's time to shatter your limitations so you can focus on your dreams instead.

What will you discover in our free workbook?

This workbook is to help you discover what your labels and limiting beliefs are,

Recognizing the perceptions and beliefs you've grown up with that affects how you identify with yourself in the world,

Switching from being stuck in your identity to recognizing these beliefs as mere roles to play that you can shift and change as you flow through life. 


Gently guiding you to freedom and personal choice


The workbook is 11 pages, filled with journaling prompts and exercises to assist you in recognizing, and transforming the beliefs you hold so you can step into your true, authentic, powerful self.


Click the link below to download.

Image by Annie Spratt

Nobody can be you better than you ... let me guide you into seeing & understanding who you truly are.

Image by Clarinta

Live a "Hell Yes" Life!

Are you ready to go further?

To leave the familiar shores and shine your light?

Having a sacred witness to pave the way for you to embody your higher purpose?

Holding the energy for you to create beauty in your life on your own terms?

Book a 1on1 Etheric Vitality Enhancement Session and experience the magic that is within you, fully activated.

Who is This For?

This is for the Bad Ass Babe who is ready to:
Uplevel her life
Get that promotion

Check off those dreams in your bucket list
Master a life of fullfillment and purpose


This is for the Femme Leader who is ready to:
Step out of the rat race
Craft your dream business
Embody those CEO Vibes
Live a life of rebellion and adventure through flow & harmony

This is not for you if you wish to:
Stay in the shadows
Play small and accept less than you deserve
Continue in fear & hesitation
Put everyone else before you at the detriment of your self
Refuse to step into the role of hero while 
perpetuating the victim cycle

Image by Joshua Koblin

What does an Etheric Vitality Enhancement Session Include?

Your session is 60 minutes in length over a zoom call.
Upon booking your time you will be directed to a form to fill out so I can learn more about you, where you are at, and where you want to go.

Every session opens and closes with a sage blessing and prayer.

Your session is distinct and refined to exactly where you are;

Together we can:
Witness any blind spots in your expression of self in life and business.
Expand your possibility and potential based upon your personal energetics.
Explore and Transform Anxiety, Trauma, or Trapped Emotions stored in your body.
Shift old behaviors (that once served you) that are now holding you back.

Reconnect with parts of your soul that you released or hid from due to life experiences.

After each session you will be given multiple energetic and physical strategies to assist in maintaining, and elevating, the energetic shifts you experienced thereby grounding those changes in the physical and effectively
jumping vibrational time lines.

Image by WARION Taipei

Leave Familiar Shores and Shine Your Light


My name is Ella Heink

I'm a 6/2 Manifestor in Human Design with a Projector Split.
What this means for you is that I am rebel fighting for the empowerment of the individual.
I am a truth seer with expertise in perceiving blind spots and seeing the root behind issues thereby assisting in envisioning and activating your possibility and potential.

I have lived the first 30 years of my life learning through trial and lots of errors, finding my voice, discovering my purpose, stepping into my power.
I have overcome addiction and depression, I have been a single parent, overcame abusive partners, and dove into the depths of my spiritual prowess.
I recieved my master level of Reiki, studied crystals, energetics, biology, neurology, and entrepreneurship in depth alongside all of my personal experiences to now come and share these revelations with you.

I am a catalyst for your expansion and liberation; for the illumination of your life, your truth, your purpose so you too can step into a life of adventure, harmony, grace and glamour anchored in confidence, effortlessly.

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Andrea R.

Through this session I was able to gain the clarity and peace I've been searching for.
I felt so comfortable, supported and accepted throughout our whole session.
It was a really special experience & something I didn't know I was missing out on!
I know just how deeply it has instilled my self-worth & self-trust back in my life.



I am blown away with Ella's perspective.
She is not only right on with what I need to work on but I love the tools and suggestions to bring myself into balance.


I'm constantly working on myself but I could never get to the places we have healed together.
I also loved how I was given several tools to keep working with after the session; It felt like a new door was opened in my life.
Anybody that is in any sort of fear could benefit from these sessions as they gave me such confidence, power, and a higher perspective. 
Even after just your first session you will know and recognize how powerful and important this healing truly is.

Brandi E.

Ella is entirely magical and empowering in her coaching work!
Her intuition worked so well with mine - amplifying it, and the collaboration gave me such valuable insight!
Image by Annie Spratt

Trust the magic ... Love and dance with your emotions, befriend your fear, live with purpose.
Transform your life.

Step into your life of Fearlessness
Glamour &


Jumpstart Your Life

If you've gotten this far, I'm sure you're interested but perhaps you have questions.
I have a few options for you here:
Start out with our freebie workbook to begin the process of identifying and dismantling your beliefs so you can step into Limitless Freedom.
Check out our blog post explaining the methodology and science behind my innovative method, Etheric Vitality Enhancement.
Use the form below to reach out with any inquiries you may have.

Or transcend your timeline, shift your energy, and book your 1on1 session today.

Contact me with any questions 


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